I have a gypsy soul,
that loves to wander.
I want to put my bare feet
in the warm sand,
play with the waves
and explore the dusty roads of this world.

I want to dance in the rain
and rainbows and sun,
admiring the beauty of the world,
just moving around.

I want to name the trees,
I see for the first time
and gaze at the stars,
when night kisses the land.

I am a true gypsy in my soul.
Always looking ahead,
where adventure awaits.
Dreaming new faces, tastes, and sounds,
hearing a whisper that invites me to go,
to wander! Explore!
Travel the world!

With someone or alone…

There is not just one place
I will call home.
My heart holds a map
of the cities I love.
I may be staying, but I might as well go,
on a new journey,
from a Goodbye to a Hello.